Wednesday, April 30, 2008

Who are these selfish drivers

I am far from perfect as a driver and I don't expect other road users to be perfect either. We all have lapses in concentration for which if caught we can be punished. Furthermore I never knowingly speed in built up areas and often go slower than the speed limit, but on the open road and motorways, well its whatever the conditions will allow.

So with that disclaimer done I have to say I have been dismayed by what we have been hearing about fellow drivers and their general attitude attitude, not least to schools and school children.

Firstly, a colleague returned to work today nursing a broken rib and severely bruised arm following a road rage incident on the M11. He admits he cut up another driver when changing lanes from 3 to 2 but it wasn't serious, well at least in his eyes. The other driver though differently and chased my colleague, eventually rear ending him at 65mph. When my colleague pulled over the other driver attacked him.

In the Telegraph this morning we read that a lolly-pop lady has been fitted with a camera to catch motorists putting children at risk:

Lollipop poles with in-built cameras will be used to trap drivers involved in dangerous and abusive behaviour.

The move comes after 1,400 such incidents were reported to council's throughout the country last year.

Dozens of patrol staff have required hospital treatment after being struck by vehicles and others have complained of regular intimidation.

And then the BBC carries a story about police needing to film the entrance of a school because of selfish drivers putting children at risk:
A car with a CCTV camera built into a periscope has begun patrolling outside schools amid concerns drivers are putting children at risk.

The high-tech camera is being used to deter parents from parking near school gates in Harrow, north-west London, after complaints from headteachers.

Are we so selfish and stressed that we can't forgive a minor infraction, wait for children to cross the road or park far enough away from a school gate?

Selfish and abusive behaviour like this should carry double the penalty and if it leads to injury you have to wonder why people should be allowed to drive.

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