Thursday, April 03, 2008

Travelling tales

Now that I am settled it seems that the people who control ISP's here are a bit schizophrenic on blogs and the beeb. In the past few days I have had blogs blocked and then readable and then blocked again. I could read some that were private URL's like The Devil and Timmy. Today appears to be the first day I can write to my blog though, possible to do with it being the weekend?

Same goes for the beeb, I am listening to R4 and the other day listened to R5, but sometimes I can't even get to the news and sport pages.

I managed to pick up something before I left and the journey was quite bad. I won't bore you with the details but having the runs when you are stuck in transit and on planes is no fun.

Interesting country, so few women about but the men are very friendly and welcoming and I am enjoying working with them. As expected the landscape is flat and the streets very scruffy with litter everywhere.

Last night I visited one of the famous compounds where the ex-pats live, the security to get in was intense and tighter than getting in to a barracks in Derry at the height of the Troubles. It was a strange atmosphere and I'm sure it suits some, I would be stir crazy withing days, even though it has a 9 hole golf course. The Great Wiseone wouldn't last more than a few hours before wanting to kill someone.

Well, lets hope I can do a bit of blogging while I'm here. Although its the weekend here I still have work to do and of course in the UK the day job still needs doing.

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