Friday, April 11, 2008

If we must have public funded TV

I have a better idea than those being suggested. Firstly, privatise the BBC and make it, like all TV stations, bid for the money on offer, why should they have a special position?

What we need is a committee of dedicated, well paid, people to adminster the fund and ensure the money is used in the public interest. I am willing to make the ultimate sacrifice and let my name be accepted for the the role of very well paid plus lots of expenses Chairman. I will be scrupuosly fair and ensure that my favourite sports worthy programmes are heavily subsidised sponsored.

As part of the deal I will make sure that my favourite sports worthy programmes are shown at a time to suit me time that ensure maximum access. Furthermore, I will ensure that the committee is stuffed with my mates well balanced and represents all our interests and that we get lots of jollies to favourite events minority interests.

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