Sunday, April 20, 2008

Curbing the Crap Artists

I've been very busy this past week or so and whilst I have done a bit of reading but as I was in London on Wednesday and managed to get to the Curbing the Crap Artists blogger's event organised by the ASI:

The date is Wednesday April 16th, and the bloggers are out in strength at
the Adam Smith Institute. The evening's theme is "Curbing the Crap Artists,"
with three top line bloggers to show how. Tim Worstall will speak on curbing the
crap journalists. Guido Fawkes will tell us how to curb the crap politicians,
and Samizdata's Perry de Havilland will lay into the crap business models

It was the first political event I have been to since I was about 18, 33 years ago, and I really enjoyed it. All three bloggers spoke well and kept to their allotted time of 10 minutes. All had amusing anecdotes whilst getting across the main thrusts of their blogs.

I had a quick chat with Tim who I wanted to thank for the educational value of his blog. I have always had a bit more than a passing interest in economics but having left school at 15 never really had the chance to think about it too much. Tim is just as intersting and enthusaistic as his blog suggests. I also got to thank DK* for enlightening me about my true politics although that was as I was leaving. I have always believed in personal responsibility, small state and leaving people alone. I knew I was a Liberal or LibDem because they interfere in my life too much for my liking. Now I know its called Libertarianism and I know the difference between classical liberal and left liberal.

It was also heartening to see so many young people there and that everyone looked fairly normal, despite what the left would have us believe about the blogosphere being inhabited by swivel-eyed right wing nutters. Indeed it was quite the opposite and I had some interesting chats with quite a few fun loving people who were very well balanced.

If they ever do anything similar make an effort to get there and not just for the free booze.

*I would jjoin LPUK as DK suggests but I don't have time and I am one of those people who gets to involved and always ends up on committees. Perhaps when I retire.

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