Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Comment of the year winner already?

Prodicus has picked up on this excellent comment on a Political betting post about a Comres poll giving the Tories a 14% lead:

I mean: WTF are Labour for? Are they for liberty - then why ID cards? Are they meant to help the poor? Then why abolish 10p tax rates? Are they for clean politics? Why cash-for-peerages?

Do they represent the working classes? Then why mass immigration, repressing low-skilled wages? Maybe they are the capitalist party? But then, why bail out Northern Rock?

Are they the europhile party? But why didn’t they join the euro? Maybe they are the democratic party. In which case, why didn’t they give us the referendum they promised on Europe? Perhaps they are the British party - yet they promoted Devolution. Could be they are the pacifist internationalist party - er, hold on, no, they invaded Iraq illegally and killed half a million.

Ah, I know, they believe in racial equality. Whoops, wait a minute - “British jobs for British workers”. Who said that?

Labour are a nothing party. They believe, literally, in nothing but their own careers. They are a busload of ugly, self-serving, slimy-faced shysters, they are a dish of cold sick in the canteen of Hell. They are moral bacteria.

Enough. We need a new lefty opposition. Time to give the Lib Dems a go, while the rightwing gets on with government.

Brilliant. Sean T, whoever you are mark the political awards date in your diary and if you don't get first prize you've been robbed.


Anonymous said...

SeanT - as is known to regulars at politicalbetting.com - is a rather famous author called Sean Thompson (I think!) who wrote "Millions of Women are Waiting to Meet You", and has a new thriller comin our soon under the name Tom Knox. Look out for it - and send a letter to his publisher!

The Great Simpleton said...

Thanks, I will