Thursday, April 03, 2008

In defence of BA and T5

Well sort of, its a rant about twats who comment when things go wrong

In time honoured tradition I will declare and interest ands say that I am regular BA passenger and have always been treated well. When consulting I was taking in the order of 30 flights a year, or maybe more at the peak, both long haul and short haul. I also had the advantage of travelling business class, which helps.

I was a bit dismayed to see the fuck up that happened at T5 because as a traveller I knew I would be affected, but listening to some of the vox pop comments and even those of so called experts has left me somewhat exasperated. As someone who has been involved in major projects I know all too well that it is the smallest things that catch you out.

Its amazing how many people with PhD's in Hindsight have been trotted out to say how they would have done it differently and they would have had practices. Did they really think that the PM's running the show didn't think of that - twats. As it happens they have been doing practices at T5 for over a year. Mind you the first ones were a mess.

I even heard one idiot who complaining that he was told that his baggage might not arrive and did he still want to travel? he did and his baggage didn't get there (as if this is something new). It then turns out that he put his laptop in the hold and had to buy a new one and was "going to take BA to the cleaners". Are people really that fucking stupid? I have never come across an airline that would make you check in a laptop.

I heard one person holding up the new HK airport as an example of how it should be done. I travelled through there 2 days after it opened and it was a real mess:

Three days after its much-trumpeted opening, Hong Kong's $20 billion airport
is lurching from crisis to crisis. Just as the airport seems to be reducing the
chaos in the passenger terminal, computer glitches have all but paralyzed its
air-cargo operations.

Today, Hong Kong International Airport's main cargo handler said it would extend until Saturday an embargo on all exports and imports carried on passenger jets.

Hong Kong Air Cargo Terminals Ltd. first imposed an embargo on Tuesday, after it
began to lose track of shipments, causing containers to pile up next to its giant terminal.

But everyone's forgotten that now and it much more fun poking fun at ourselves.

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