Wednesday, April 30, 2008

On this day - Falklands

in 1982, Alexander Haig's mission is officially terminated. President Ronald Reagan declares US support for Britain and economic sanctions against Argentina. The British war exclusion zone comes into effect.

There was no surprise at this on board although Reagan’s public support did lift spirits s we knew they could supply good intel. Indeed history tells us that they already had been.

By now I had been across to another landing ship to see if I could get the other jammer working. When I got there most bits were still in boxes but I had a go. The problem was I couldn’t test it because we were still on Emcon and for those who aren’t aware a radio jammer needs to shove out a lot of power tow work. Imgaine trying to drown out a conversation that is taking place 20m from you by shouting at the people having that conversation. So any emissions from the jammer would have been picked up by the Argentine EW guys within seconds.

There was a problem getting back from the ship, the weather closed in and the helicopter despatch service didn’t fly for 3 days. I didn’t have my kit with me so had to scrounge toothpaste etc. By the time I got back my hosts were glad to see the back of me given how crowded the ships were.

When I did eventually get a helicopter ride back they decided it was too dangerous to land and I had to jump from about 6 foot on to a rolling ships helicopter deck. Its amazing how deep you can get you nails in to a steel decking when the alternative is being pitched in to a freezing South Atlantic!

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