Friday, April 04, 2008

Brown to review last budget changes

Over 12 months after Brown's final budget he is now promising to review the income tax changes he made.

Gordon Brown has moved to quell a backbench revolt over the abolition
of the 10p income tax band amid fears it will hit some low-paid families. Mr
Brown has assured former Labour whip Greg Pope - who tabled a Commons motion calling for action - he will look again at the impact of the changes.

In his final Budget as Chancellor last year, Mr Brown paid for a 2p cut
in the basic rate - to 20p - by abolishing the 10p lower rate.

We're supposed to have some of the brightest minds in the treasury and Cabinet and 12 months after a budget when delayed measure is just about to be introduced we are told it will be reviewed.

The sooner we get a chance to throw out these useless bastards the better?

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