Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Cameron on Radio 5

I caught part of the programme with him being interviewed on Radio 5 this morning and was reasonably impressed. I still think he his trying to out Blair Blair instead of developing his own style and personality, but he is growing in to the job.

I was quite impressed that he refused to make himself a hostage to fortune by making rash pledges now, even on soft topics like reintroducing the 10p tax rate. I missed the bit when he took EU comments and would be interested to know how he got on in that section, although I suspect he was quite woolly.

Although I have voted Tory most of my life and even held my nose in 1997 and voted for them I was getting disillusioned with them, I still am though, but I might change my mind if he continues to show promise. I also have a good Tory MP in David Liddington, which also sways me that way. Still, a long time to go and lats of water and bridges as they say.

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