Tuesday, April 08, 2008

On this day - Falklands

in 1982 it was Maundy Thursday and for us the log weekend had started. I wasn't formally taking leave so couldn't leave Germany - as part of BAOR (British Army Of The Rhine) there had to be a certain level of forces and unless you had a formal leave pass you couldn't leave country. In truth I was preparing to get the train to Copenhagen for some sight seeing and maybe a visit to Lego Land.

I had just had breakfast and was sitting in the lounge having a cup coffee when my boss walked in and asked what I was planning. Obviously I couldn't admit my plans so mumbled something about not much. Anyway, it turns out than an Electronic Warfare troop was being put together as part of the Task Force, under the command of the Marines. I was a specialist in maintaining EW equipment I was being seconded to the troop, along with 2 of our best operators. We would be joining language and other experts at Lympstone, the home of the marines.

This was an informal discussion because I had to complete certain forms. We went to the Regimental HQ where the Adjutant and Chief Clerk were waiting. I was given life insurance forms to complete and sign and then formerly told that I was under orders for active service and would be flying to Lympstone the next morning.

Nobody seriously thought it would end in full blown was so it was all rather light hearted and I spent the rest of the day preparing equipment and packing.

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