Thursday, April 24, 2008

Today's St George's day poem from a Scotsman

Only the BBC would think about commissioning a St George's day poem from a Scotsman. I heard it this evening and found it quite amusing, although I tend to have a bit of a thick skin for these things:

Once more unto the breach, dear Morris Dancers
once more
Jingle your bells, thwack sticks, raise flagons
Cry “God for Harry and Saint George!”
Gallant knight and slayer of dragons
Patron saint of merry England –
And Georgia, and Catalonia, and Portugal, Beirut, Moscow
Istanbul, Germany, Greece
Archers, farmers, boy scouts, butchers and sufferers of
Multicultural icon with sword and codpiece
On, on you bullet-headed saxon sons
Fly flags from white van and cab
But remember stout yeomen, your champion was Turkish
So – get drunk and have a kebab

Fair enough you might think, but can you imagine the howls from over the border if they had commissioned an Englishman to write a disparaging poem about St Andrew or the Bonnie Prince?

They do have a strange view on life at the beeb.

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