Sunday, April 20, 2008

On this day - Falklands

Well on or about this day as I can't find the exact date that our time on Ascension island came to an end and we set off on the final leg of the journey.

The time on Ascension had been relatively quiet, even boring. My only memories of not were a fight in one of the clubs between 2 junior officers (one RAF and one Navy). As this was a civilian club and was witnessed by the other ranks it turned out to be quite embarrassing for the top brass. In true military style and to save embarrassment the military arranged for the club to be officers only and posted a military policeman outside to stop the rest of us going on.

After that we were confined to the USA servicemen's club, which was OK except we had to use US currency. Whilst sitting outside one afternoon a helicopter (one of many) dropped its under-slung load from about 500ft. When it landed the box burst open and about 100 tin hats flew in to the air like a huge fountain. Fortunately it wasn't an are where people were likely to be.

So it was on to Sir Tristan, a troop carrier, and now a major change of mindset. The politicians kept talking but it was getting harder to see a peaceful resolution neither national leaders could back down.

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