Thursday, April 10, 2008

The Daily Mail stole 45 minutes of my life

Returning through T4 yesterday the queue for immigration was horrendous and it too 45 minutes to get through it. This is my first time through T4 for a few years and it was never like this, in fact the only wait I remember was when we got to immigration before immigration opened and even then it was only 2 mins.


So why do I blame the DM? Well it their campaign that has led to this nonsense of checking, double checking and even triple checking every passport and questioning around 30% of people from what I saw. All this in the vain hope of stopping illegal immigrants "swamping" our country. Has as been pointed out most of the "foreigners" who are in our country are perfectly legal, and perfectly welcome AFAIAC, as they come from the EU.

I would love to see a cost benefit analysis from all these extra controls and immigration officers but can't find one, which makes me suspect the benefit is negative. Until then I will consider the efforts of the rabble rousing DM to have caused these extra queues which meant I lost 45 minutes of my life


Mark Wadsworth said...

Was that in the queue for British & EU passport holders? Did they stop people with British passports (to the extent that you can tell)?

The Great Simpleton said...

It was the British, EU and EFTA queue but I was sure who they questioned. The certainly scanned my passport and had a very close look at all the stamps, something that hadn't happened before.