Friday, April 11, 2008

BAe, Sausdi's and the public interest

I don't know enough about this case to know whether BAe did or didn't bribe Saudi officials to win the contract. Having worked in Asia I do know that sometimes we have a different understanding of "commissions" than some countries do, but that's by the by.

What I do know is that I don't trust these NuLabour bastards to know what's in the public interest and I have good reason for my cynicism. During the run up to Gulf War 2 I had many a lively discussion with the sprog about the rights and wrongs of deposing Saddam and the roles of WMD. As we didn't have all the facts all I could say to him was that in the end there are times when we have to trust our politicians to rise above politics and do what is right. We have to trust them and their advisers to make the right call with the facts they have, and accept we can't publicise the intelligence.

Its not that the sprog was right that infuriated me, it was, as you all know, the way public opinion was manipulated by the "45 minute" insinuations. My contempt is doubled because they didn't even have a plan to win the peace.

So when I am told to accept that political interference to curtail a legitimate criminal investigation is in the public interest I have only one comment - fuck off, you've lost my trust and have nothing since to earn it back.

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