Saturday, May 31, 2008

This is real citizenship

As a parent I applaud this woman, she has made one of the hardest decisions you could expect any parent to make.

A mother has said she has no regrets about reporting her sons to the police after learning they had brutally attacked a man on a night out.

Carol Saldinack, 51, of Norfolk, said she was so ashamed of their behaviour she could barely look them in the eye.

But if she kept quiet, she would be as guilty as they were, she told the BBC.

We all want to believe that our children saints and if they do wrong its because they were misled by someone else's children. It takes real strength of character to accept that, despite your best efforts, they have done something wrong. It takes even more strength, and yes even bravery* in this case because of the violence involved, to turn them in to the police to face a prison sentence.

*Bravery is a an over used word, especially in sporting contexts, which demean those who do make brave decisions, by which I mean taking a conscious decision to do something that may lead to injury or death.

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