Friday, May 23, 2008

A depressing story of unintended consequences

Or at least I hope this is an untended consequence.

I was lamenting to a colleague that we can't get a parent to run the junior section of my golf club. It seems that apathy reigns and the rest of the club's attitude is that we will support them but as most of us have raised our kids we aren't prepared to make the commitment to someone else's kids, although we don't mind helping out occasionally.

It turns out that he's on the executive committee of the local Scout group and they had an interesting issue when a parent did step forward to be a group leader. The CRB check came back as a "red flag". They had a committee meeting and decided they wanted to proceed as he was a good guy and they all trusted him so they asked for further details and when they got the forms through it turns out that this 42 year old man was given a police caution when he was 16 for "taking without consent".

And people wonder why we don't trust politicians to pass any laws and, more importantly, bureaucrats to implement them in a sensible way.

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