Sunday, May 18, 2008

Severe Lack Of Perspective Syndrome (SLOPS)

Slops was how the Aian press referred to Europe's reaction to the SARs outbreak a few years ago, but I think its an apt response to the reaction to this bit of fun and mischief reported on the front page of today's Sunday Telegraph (I'm still off line so no links), emphasis mine:

Teachers live in fear that they will make a pigs ear of it when inspectors call. That fear became reality when Ofsted staff were stopped in their tracks by a piglet let loose in the playground by mischievous pupils.

The culprits, three 16-year-olds celebrating their last day at old Buckenham High School in Norfolk said the caper was part of village tradition, but they are now
under investigation by the police and RSPCA.

The school's last Ofsted report praised pupils as well behaved and responsible

FFS, it was high spirited fun an d deserved no more than a bollocking from a teacher, who no doubt would be finding it difficult to keep a straight face. We really have started to reach the pits when the first response is always to look to criminalise people. I for one would prefer to employ these three who obviously have a bit of character than the products of what it looks like our state system is trying to produce – automatons with no idea how to think for themselves.

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