Thursday, May 22, 2008

Abortion and drugs

I have stayed out of the abortion argument because I have real mixed feelings that I can't resolve and also the protagonists are too absolute. It is one are where I am happy to abdicate the decision to the "will of Parliament".

Now that Parliament has spoken why can't they apply the same arguments to drugs? There seem to be a number of pro abortion arguments that have won the case and these are the same for legalising drugs. I paraphrase the arguments somewhat for simplicity:

Its a woman's body and her choice what she does with it - Same argument for drug users

The consequences of banning it are horrendous - back street abortions etc Drug addicts sharing needles, being fleeced by dealers, being pushed in to prostitution etc

Some women need it for medical reasons - There is strong evidence that MS sufferers benefit, even if it does turn out to be a placebo affect

I'm sure there are other arguments, but given the bunch of hypocrites we have Governing us I don't suppose that this argument will get any traction with them.