Friday, May 23, 2008

Has Brown made voting Tory socially acceptable?

On of Labour's great achievements in the 80's and 90's was to demonise the Tories to that point that voting Tory was as socially acceptable as paedophilia. Blair managed to pray on this throughout his premiership, although there was some softening of the position. This meant that anti Labour protest votes tended to go to the Lib Dems, leaving the Tories in limbo and unable to get much more than their core vote.

Brown seems to have been such a disaster that he has pissed of voters so much that they have made a mental leap and voted Tory. This was confirmed by some BBC vox pop yesterday. Whether or not they have done this as a one off to send a message remains to be seen, but it certainly makes it easier for the Tories to persuade people to listen to their arguments and not feel ashamed to talk about them in public.

Given this change it shouldn't just be Labour MP's who are looking over their shoulders at their majorities, the Lib Dems must be starting to feel very nervous as they have tended to benefit most from middle ground voters who couldn't bring themselves to vote Labour.

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