Wednesday, May 21, 2008

On this day - Falklands

in 1982, The British manage to make an amphibious landing near Port San Carlos, on the northern coast of East Falkland.

It was really eerie when light dawned in San Carlos water - it was really still and quiet except for the demented buzzing of the rigid raiders whizzing about. Landing craft had been shipping troops ashore for some time but we weren't even given a time and were stuck on board the LSL in the middle of the waters knowing we were a siting duck when the Argentinian Air force eventually attacked - it was probably the scariest time of the whole war and I don't mind admitting I questioned my own agnostic approach to religion.

Our intercept guys had picked up an interesting comment from the Argentinian forward troops who had seen us. Apparently they were under the illusion that Maggie was going to give some notice before we attacked - bloody idiots. Their description of us was quite prosaic though, until they became the first Argentinians to be captured.

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