Friday, May 02, 2008

A clear message for Labour

The polls have spoken and although it is only a local government election it is as clear a message as it was to the Tories in 1995. But I think this message goes even deeper and is morew meaningful.

Up to 1997 Labour had always complained that they hadn't really had a chance to prove themselves. In 1945-50 they were picking up after a war, from 64-70 Wilson was following "13 years of Tory misrule", in the 70's they were short governments and picking up after Tories had "screwed the economy", they claimed.

Well, in 1997 they took over a growing UK economy which had had most of its structural weaknesses fixed. What's more their own Party had been able to regenerate and get rid of Clause 4 and their perceived reliance on the Unions. They even agreed to Tory spending plans and that gave them an even more secure financial base.

So now they have had 11 years with a world economy that was expanding, especially China and India. They have had every opportunity to implement their socialist policies that will give us the dream state that they claim socialism will deliver. They've thrown money at Health, Education and Social Security as if their lives depended on it. There have been some improvements in Health, but it is arguable that these don't reflect the value for money that our taxes deserve.

Now we have the first down turn and the public have realised that NuLab have been a sham and that they have been conned. The cupboard is bare despite an expanding economy and an ever increasing rate of taxation in real terms, just when people are likely to need support and releif from high taxes. To add insult to injury we still have the same proportion of children in poverty despite all the promises despite the ludicrous tax cfedits. I could go on but have a life to lead.

The message is loud and clear to Labour, you've had you chance and screwed up, no excuse this time its all your own fault. Now fuck off and and don't ever darken our ballot papers you incompetent socialist windbags.

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Mark Wadsworth said...

Good summary.

Won't stop 'em though. It was only a few months ago that Ed Bollockface was saying there had been thirty or forty years of underinvestment in schools.