Saturday, May 31, 2008

Going on hols, no blogging

I'm off to Turkey on Monday for a weeks holiday, although it won't be restful in the physical sense. As I'm easily bored we found Neilson Beach holidays* a few years ago and they are just the thing for me - I start the day with a water ski, then sail and finally a bike ride about 4pm. The evenings are better as it is like being at a dinner party with friends every night, the only problem is that nobody wants to be seen as a free loader so the wine flows a little too freely sometimes!

Despite all that I still manage to get some reading done. This year my summer reading is:

Vince Flynn, Protect & Defend - Good escapist nonsense of the Jack Bauer/24 variety.

Michael Ridpath, Se No Evil - e used to write good thrillers which had some educational stuff about how the City and finance work, but he has gone off the boil a bit

PS I might be squeezing a couple of more posts in today and tomorrow if I can find the time

*The first advertising on this blog and its free!
The Undercover Economist - A good friend and former fellow Director who now teaches business and economics at A Level swears by this book. I've picked it up a couple of times when staying with him and decided I need to read it

Freakonomics - Another god friend and former fellow Director is always banging on about this so again I thought its time to read it

Hayek, The road To Serfdom - Tim Worstall recommended this when I was chatting to him at the "Curbing the Crap Artists" event at the ASI

So, even if there was the ability to blog while I'm away I just won't have time. I wish you all happy reading while I'm away and hope you find plenty of entertaining and educational blogs to read, and if you do, pass them on.

*The first advertising on this blog and its free. Still, I never expect to make money writing.

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Mark Wadsworth said...

Blogging while on holiday - very difficult balancing act! As I said over at Philip Thomas.