Monday, May 05, 2008

All's well

I love spring, well days like today when we can enjoy it. We've just been to a BBQ with friends and their family. It was the annual get together for one of their daughter's birthday and the weather, company, food and alcohol were great. It was made even better by the Great Wiseone volunteering to drive.

We've just got home and we are sitting in the garden listening to the evening chorus, Red kites are whizzing by, the cats are entertaining us by charging round the garden and the wine is still flowing. I was reading political blogs but that's too depressing given the circumstances so its one last post and the shutting of the laptop.

Whatever you have been doing I hope your weekend was as good as mine and enjoy whats of it for tomorrow its back to work, which I enjoy, and hating the Govt, which I don't enjoy.

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