Saturday, May 31, 2008

How to stop children smoking

The govt has got itself into another bansturbation frenzy in the name of protecting children from smoking and coming up with all sorts of control freakery idea:

Cigarette vending machines and packets of 10 could be outlawed under
government plans aimed at preventing children and young people smoking.

The plans, which include banning branding and logos, apply to England,
Wales and Northern Ireland. Similar plans have been unveiled in Scotland.

Of course these are well tested and proven idea, aren't they?
Martin Dockrell, from the anti-smoking group Action on Smoking and Health
(Ash), said: "These sorts of measures are not going to have an overnight effect,
but we think they will over time."

Well there's a surprise, they've made the whole thing up and haven't a shred of evidence that it will work. Its amazing what bollocks and claptrap these people are allowed to get away with "in the interests of children". The sad thing is they seem to have defined all of us as children and taken the decision to appoint themselves as our guardians. Bastards.

If they really wanted to protect children the answers simple - make cigarettes widely available and stop treating them like forbidden fruits. Better still show them as being something only old people do, a bit like dancing at discos.

My parents smoked but that wasn't why I smoked, it was because everyone said I shouldn't and I wanted to stick 2 fingers up at them. We don't smoke and the sprog does, despite all the publicity, for similar reasons.

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