Wednesday, June 11, 2008

I'm back

Great time had by all, especially me. Wind was great and I go my RYA2 dinghy sailing, so I can now hire boats when travelling. I also managed to get a couple of start on a mono ski, but more to work on there. Lots of wind and great food made the evenings enoyable as well.

A dreadful journey back, delays in Turkey and then Gatwick took over an hour to get through. On top of that we were so late that all the night time engineering works on the motorways had started so a 60 mile motroway journey took nearly 2 hours so we didn't get home until midnight.

Lots of work to catch up on and I notice my favourite bloggers have been busy, I've over 500 posts in my RSS reader, so that will keep me busy.

I notice Brown is still there and pushing 42 days - to late to blog on both, I just hope that he fails tonight and then is forced out - fascist bastard.

I hope to get posting more regularly later this week, once I'm on top of work.

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