Thursday, June 12, 2008

Gentlemanly Conduct Conundrum

(Written off line last night)

Sat on a busy train on the way home with a nice seat and table so I can work (read RSS blogs as well) I notice that a number of ladies are standing. I was brought up to give up my seat to a lady or elderly person but I now face a conundrum:

In this age of equality of the sexes should I:

  1. Give up my seat to a lady?
  2. As a 51-year-old give up my seat only to a lady older than me?
  3. If 2 should I give up my seat to anyone older than me?

Problem solved, we stopped at Beaconsfield and now there are spare seats.

But what, dear reader, should I do next time?

Being a Gentleman by nature, I always walk on the road side when out with the Great Wiseone, for example and my default position is to give up my seat to any female.

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