Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Fuel tanker drivers settlement another nail for Brown’s coffin

The settlement of the fuel driver's dispute with a 14% pay rise over 2 years is very worrying:

Tanker drivers delivering fuel for Shell have been offered a 14% pay increase over two years after their four-day strike hit UK fuel supplies.

Not because of the settlement, which is above inflation, that is a matter between the employers and unions, but because the public sector unions will see this as a benchmark.

If this does happen we could be in for some pretty serious disputes early next year, in time for another winter of discontent just before Brown has to call the GE.

Whilst I don't want misery through strikes inflicted on anyone and I certainly don't want to see large public sector pay rises which will lead to higher inflation, increased taxes and job losses, the though of this being the final nail in Brown's coffin (and legacy) does fill me with a deep sense of anticipation.

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