Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Harridan Harman on David Davis

**Update** I worte this off line on the train and knew it was a "by-election" what on earth poossesed me to press the "publish" button is beyond me!

Catching up with the beeb's Weekly Political Review in the car last night I couldn't believe it when Harman object to DD's move on the grounds that the Bye -Election will cost tax payer's money. I'm not sure how much a Bye -Election costs but I'm prepared to be a hefty sum that it is less that we pay our MP's in John Lewis expenses.

But my bet's a side issue – if the Labour Party's Deputy Leader is prepared to come on a serious political programme and make this point rather than argue the case for locking up dark skinned suspects for 6 weeks without charge then they really have lost the debate and the moral high ground.

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