Thursday, June 12, 2008

On this day - Falklands

Having been away I've missed a few memorable incidents, maybe next year. Anyway, on this day:

The British 3-Para mounts an assault on Mount Longdon. The battle on this
heavily defended position, which was supposed to last until dawn, proves much
tougher and longer than expected. Mount Longdon and its surroundings are finally
taken after
hand to hand and bayonet fighting with the Argentine troops position by position. The British casualties mount to 23 men, one of which, Sergeant Ian John McKay of 3-Para is later awarded a posthumous Victoria Cross, 47 more British are wounded. The Argentine forces suffer over 50 dead and many more injured. 6 more British die shortly afterwards.

British 45 Commando takes Two Sisters and 42 Commando takes Mount Harriet with support by the guns of 29th Commando regiment and naval gunfire from a number of Royal Navy frigates.

The 2nd Scots Guards seize Mount Tumbledown in another bloody battle. 9 British and about 40 Argentine die. Another 34 Argentine soldiers surrender and taken prisoners. 32 British are wounded. [Source: Tactics of Modern Warfare by Mark Lloyd].

By now we were on Mount Estancia, overlooking Mount's Kent and London and we could hear the battles raging. We have done all we could on the EW front and had made some very useful intercepts which added to captured maps and allowed the artillery to make a number of softening up barrages on the Argentine positions. We also managed to jam one of the Argentine forward artillery controllers long enough for him to be taken out by our artillery.

As the final battle waged on we listened to our own command nets to see how things were going. I wish I had kept the tapes because they would have been great in the archives, especially one message to the Sots Guards who were really struggling, it went something like - The General says if the Scots Guards don't get a fucking move on he'll personally come down their and kick their arses.

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