Sunday, June 22, 2008

How have people this stupid gained control of our money?

Smokers in the poorest areas of Dundee are being offered £150 worth of groceries by the health service if they are able to give up cigarettes.

Participants in a 12-week scheme will be given £12.50 a week by NHS Tayside if a carbon monoxide breath test proves they have not been smoking.

As an ex-smoker I understand the benefits of giving up smoking but I'm really not sure that this will work. If they are that poor and still choose to smoke they have a different value system to most of us and aren't likely to spend the money on healthy things.

But our very clever bureacrats are way ahead of me and thought of that:
The money will be credited onto an electronic card which cannot be used for cigarettes or alcohol.

Good one, that. Leaving aside the cost of the system that should work.

If you are a poor person from Dundee look away know.

We now know the poor of Dundee are really stupid so we can be assured they aren't reading on.

What fucking haf-wit employed these numpties and sanctioned this waste of money? Sack the lot of them. If they are too stupid to work out that all that will happen is either a deal with the shopkeeper or a reduction in the food bill being spent on alcohol they shouldn't be allowed to breathe.

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