Tuesday, May 20, 2008

On this day

in 1958, the mayor and corporation of High Wycombe were weighed in, in full view of the public to see whether or not they had been getting fat at the taxpayers' expense!

This tradition is still carried out:

In the "weighing-in" ceremony, the newly elected Mayor, the Charter Trustees, Honorary Burgesses and the outgoing Mayor are all weighed at the Guildhall in the High Street. As their weight is recorded the Macebearer shouts out the weight, adding the words "and some more" if the Mayor has gained weight, or "and no more" if there is a weight loss or it remains the same.

The spectators wait for the call and if the words "and some more" are heard, the person being weighed is jeered. It is traditionally believed that they have grown fat at the expense of the towns' people. If the words "and no more" are heard, the crowd cheers and claps. If no weight has been gained, or some lost then they must have been working hard for the good of the town.

Perhaps we should do something similar with MP's bank accounts? Auditors check their financial position at the start of each Parliament and then at the end and announce if they have made any unusual gains ie from the acquisition of tax payer funded second homes?

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