Thursday, May 22, 2008

On this day - Falklands

We got ashore overnight but without our equipment. Our boss had done well to get us on a landing craft but there was no plan for us to go anywhere and as it was dark we just dossed down in the first bit of shelter we cam across. When dawn came we realised it was the back blast are of the Blowpipe anti aircraft missile team - shit that could have been very bad.

We eventually commandeered the school so we could set up out intercept kit indoor and we had somewhere to work. It had a small kitchen so cooking was OK. This was to be our home for a god week or so.

During the day we had more air raids. I was really surprised to see everyone firing at them, even officers with 9mm pistols. This was even more dangerous than the Argentinians with rounds coming down all over the place. 40 Commando's OC went berserk as his troops were in the hill over looking San Carlos and and they took the brunt of the friendly fire, although to my knowledge nobody was injured or killed. It dis mean that we had to put a fire plan together very quickly.

Most of the air attacks were aimed at the ships, which was a good tactic because we still had most of our stores on board. One bomb did hit a troop of Engineers at the other end of the settlement and killed a Sapper. It was a solemn occasion as his flag draped body was brought past us for burial, followed by his troop. Irrespective of religion it is very important that the military honour the dead, it makes us all feel we are part of something worthwhile.

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