Monday, May 12, 2008

Paying for Social Care

Having said I'm blogging light my friend isn't back yet and this story has been bugging me all day:

Prime Minister Gordon Brown has pledged to reform the social care system for England's ageing population.

He says that without a radical shake up, the care system in England alone faces a £6bn shortfall within 20 years.

OK, I see the need for constant debate on this subject but its the soft answers from ministers that is the problem:
He said he understood the anxieties of families who fear having to sell their own homes to pay for long-term care, and of losing assets they would otherwise have passed onto family or friends.

To combat this, he suggested ideas including better collaboration between health and social services, and helping people to save for their old age while protecting their homes and inheritance.

WTF this all about? They want to tax me so that someone else can leave their homes and savings to their spoilt brats?

This is exactly what is wrong with the cradle to grave state. Nobody wants to take responsibility for themselves when times are bad.

The PM should be screaming that everyone has a duty to save for their own age and what's more they will use up their savings, within reason before they get masses of tax payers money thrown at them. I certainly expect people to sell their homes to pay for long term care and if their family don't like it, you look after you parents, I've got my own problems to deal with.

And in case you wondering I am not a hypocrite, I have savings and I have made it quite clear to the sprog I will spend these on ensuring that the closing days of my life are comfortable first and he shouldn't expect an inheritance, he will get what's left. I made sacrifices to generate these saving and I don't see why they should go to supporting those who have pissed their money up against a wall. Fortunately he's a good socialist and doesn't believe in inheritance - idiot!

I am well aware of the moral hazard and that nobody will save beyond 65 or so - well if they are that stupid and blow all their money when they are young then they will have some memories to draw on when they are at the bottom of the care queue.

When it comes to the welfare state it should first and foremost look after those who have had a bad deal from life ie partners dying when there are young families, the disabled, ill etc, not those who want to inherit a comfortable life.

Just had a final thought before I pressed the publish button - I suppose its too much to expect a Governement that saved the square root of fuck all when times were good to lecture people to do them same themselves. When can we get rid of these bastards?

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