Saturday, January 26, 2008

Police too "low key" in Donorgate

According to this article

The police are expected to conduct a similar low-key investigation into Mr Hain's alleged breach of electoral laws as that conducted into the hidden donors affair.

Now whilst I tend to be a bit soft in not liking prison for non-viloent offenders I do believe in the power of deterrence and the only way to make deterrence work is to make sure everyone knows that they will be caught, and that goes for our corrupt and venal politicians as much as common thiefs.

So, I reckon its about time PC Pold stopped being sensitive and touchy feely and started feeling a few collars in public. Seeing PC Plod striding across the floor of the House of Commons and handcuffing an MP would send all the right signals to the to those who think laws are for the little people.

So, for the benefit of PC plod, here's how it should be done:

and here

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