Friday, January 25, 2008

From SpAd to SoS in 6 years

That's the achievement of Andy Burnham our new Culture and Media Secretary and LabourHome want to know if its a record.

Well I don't know whether its a record or not but it seems too quick for me as a matter of principle, unless the guy is absolutely brilliant and has shown outstanding leadership skills in private business. Maybe he built a succesful company or even a large worthy charuty, from scrtach? So what do we know about this guy? Well, according to his CV in the Guardian he is Cambridge educated. I presume they mean the University so I'll take it he is a bright guy, but you need a bit more than brains to be that good so what else has he done?

He had previously gained expertise in the media while working as a special adviser to the former culture secretary Chris Smith. He also worked as a researcher for Smith's successor, Tessa Jowell, after becoming an MP.

Oh, fuck, he's one of those, "working" in the media and then becoming a SpAd.
Well how did he perform once he got elected?
After stints as a junior minister in the Home Office and Department of Health, Burnham became chief secretary to the Treasury in June last year in Gordon Brown's first cabinet.

So in nearly 7 years in parliament he hasn't been in a job long enough to show any competence (or incompetence as that seems to be the new requirement for a cabinet position). BTW, I reckon 3 years in a senior position to know whether someone is any good or not. Moving on before then means you've eather messed up or not had time to deal with difficult issues.

Nothing personal Andy, but you've done fuck all to make you worthy of job in Government, even if it is a bit of a none job.

So what about his position as an MP? Well those guys on They Work for You have him down as:
Voted moderately against a transparent Parliament. votes, speeches

What, how can you be against a transparent parliament? This is a democracy where we lend you our authority and you don't want us to know what you are doing? Have you something to hide? Your not a control freak are you?
Voted very strongly for introducing a smoking ban. votes, speeches

Ah you are a bit of a control freak and like banning thigs? I'll guess you would have voted to ban fox hunting as well?
Voted strongly for introducing ID cards. votes, speeches

Well there's a surprise. I'm starting to build a picture of you that I don't like.
Voted very strongly for Labour's anti-terrorism laws. votes, speeches

I definitely don't like this. I'll bet you'd have voted for 90 days as well.
Voted very strongly for the hunting ban. votes, speeches
We'll there's a surprise.
OK, this is personal, why don't you fuck off, get a proper job, do something special and then come back and we'll see about letting you loose with our liberties and taxes.

So how did you get in to parliament anyway? By winning the safe Labour seat of Leigh (maj), Greater Manchester with a majority of 16,632 in 2001 and17,272 in 2005. I see, you're a donkey.

This, dear reader, is why politics is getting such a bad name. And if you think I'm being party political, well only partly because if he had been a Tory I would have been even more scathing with that voting record.

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