Monday, January 14, 2008

Doctors warn family that Prudence brain dead

Press Release

It is with deep regret that Doctors today told close family that despite all their efforts Prudence's illness and her weak state mean that she is in effect brain dead and their is nothing further than can do. All that remains is for the close family to accept the situation, switch off the life machine and start planning the funeral.

End Press release

The Simpleton Times can report that Doctors told a press conference that Prudence had been dangerously ill for some years now. Her main problem was the her publicum debtus rose to dangerously high levels of around 38 percent of gedeepius over the past 5 years. This, they noted, was dangerously close to the critical 40percent level that everyone knows as the golden rule, above which chancelerux bolluxarium sets in and there is nothing further that can be done.

We understand that this rise in gedeepius was driven by an uncontrolled rash of cashspree which caused a secondary infection and huge swelling in her buraucraticum. Some experts claim that early treatment of the cashspree could have prevented the swelling but we understand that the family ignored this advice and claimed armchair experts and opposirium were were know nothings and should be ignored.

Doctors later said they had used every known treatment to stop her condition deteriorating, including some creative measures frowned upon by serious specialists and consultants in the practice of economius. Despite this her prognosis took a turn for the worse when when her econimus was hit by an infection of bankarium callapuses. At this point doctors were outraged when Prudenece's family stepped in and used untrained lay visitors to give her an injection of an old drug, lendorium lastresorticum, that was known to prolong life but in the end never works. This injection was, The Simpleton Times understands, equivalent to an extra 7% of publicus debtus which took her to 45% of gedeepius, a terminal level.

We understand doctors and family are now arguing over whether she is already dead or whether she is still live until doctors switch off her nord felsen.

Experts have told The Simpleton times that the cost of the lendorium lastresorticum used to keep prudence alive is exepcted to be a minimum of £55bn pounds and that they believe that the family can't afford to pay. If this is the case then they may have to apply for an emergency taxus upus.

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