Sunday, January 20, 2008

Lisbon Treaty Judicial Review

The Cynical Optimist is carrying this email, which is self explanatroy

"We are urgently preparing to seek Judicial Review and hopefully persuade the Courts to declare that the Lisbon Treaty, as signed by Blair and Brown and now being presented to Parliament for approval to ratify, is in conflict with our own extant Constitution and therefore it would be unlawful to accept the EU Constitution into British law.

One of the best and most respected younger QCs with a fearsome record, Rabinder Singh, has been engaged together with a very bright lady junior and we hope to launch proceedings in the High Court within the next two weeks. We are delighted that leading businessman Stuart Wheeler has taken up the case in his own name as plaintiff and agreed to bear responsibility for it through to the House of Lords if necessary.

Naturally we must do all we can to offset his public-spirited contribution - Friends and colleagues, members, supporters - every little counts and donations (non-charitable) should be sent to 'CONSTITUTIONAL CHALLENGE',

c/o This England PO Box 52, Cheltenham, Glos GL50 1YQ.

However my immediate request is to ask each of you to jot down any points, clauses, articles in the Lisbon Treaty to which you object and why, and list them under their treaty references, and then send your list to me on my address as soon as you possibly can. This would be an enormous help as we are under a very tight schedule to brief counsel and get the case into court before Parliament complete the betrayal, but it would be a terrific feat if we can put a cast iron stick in their wheel, even at this late hour!"

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