Thursday, January 24, 2008

Home Secretary mauled on Today, again

She has to be the most inept Home Secretary in a long line of inept incumbents. Even the cheer leading Radio 4 seems to have nothing but contempt for her. At times it was toe curling as she tried to justify 42 days pre-charge detention by claiming some hypothetical future event where the police have umpteen serious and simultaneous terrorist cases to investigate.

When it was pointed out that she could use the Civil Contingencies Act as this allows for 58 days detention she said there would be legal difficulties!

That the whole point, you bitch, we doesn't want you and your cronies in the judiciary locking people up because you think it might be appropriate. And we don't trust the police either, not since you started politicising them by appointing that obsequies toad Blair.

It was also pointed out that of the 71 bodies consulted on 42 days PCD only 6 said they supported it. Her answer was that she did listen and that is why it is going to 42 days in 7 day stages via a judge. So what was the point of consultation then, you stupid cow?

After a long waffle about when this might be used the interviewer accused her of making up hypothetical situations, to which she that it won't be hypothetical when it occurs! This got the interviewer and I chortling. But the worst bit was when she went on to describe something happening as being unhypothetical, hasn't she ever heard the word "real"?

At the end she was asked about walking the streets at night and got in to an even worse tangle sprouting a load of whishy washy waffle about crime coming down blah, blah, blah.

It makes you almost wish Blunkett was back!

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Mark Wadsworth said...

It's good see the Nulab-BBC relationship becoming a bit less cosy!