Thursday, January 17, 2008

Kafka: The Trial and The EU

The Telegraph brings us the latest EU piece of double standards and treachery by our own bunch of unprincipled bunch of cretins that form the excuse for a Government.

But first a piece of background just to set the scene, Franz Kafka wrote a book called The Trial in which the subject, named Josef K, awakens one morning and, for reasons never revealed, is arrested and subjected to the judicial process for an unspecified crime. When he declares his innocence, he is immediately questioned "innocent of what"? and the process continues with him never hearing a charge and being executed. (Apologies to the philosophers out there but this paraphrase is to set the scene)

So what has this to do with the EU? Well it looks like our craven politicians are about to cave in to EU demands to make extradition of people who have been convicted in absentia even easier - yes it already goes on now

A draft text, seen by The Daily Telegraph, notes that existing rules [on extradition]do not "deal consistently with the issue of judgments rendered in absentia". "This diversity complicates the work of the practitioner and hampers judicial co-operation," it states

These piece of EU bullshit means that they can't be arsed with normal extradition and we should just hand over people who have been convicted of crimes in other countries, even though they weren't there to defend themselves or may not have even known there was a trial.

For fucks sake, whatever happened to habeous corpus? In this country we are entitled to now why we are being charged and to face our accusers, you would think that our politicians would at least have the balls to respect that and tell those toe rags in the EU to go fuck themselves. We have this right for a reason - to protect us from over bearing government, which should include the EU:
Britain does not convict people or hold trials in their absence but many EU countries, including Belgium, France, Spain Greece and Italy, do so on a regular basis

I don't give a toss what these countries do because, frankly it should be none of our business, but I do care that our tosspots Government follow the process that has protected us for 700 years and accept that these right aren't theirs to kill in the first place.

What makes this worse is it is already happening, all they want to do is make it easier:
Miss Daniels was extradited and jailed in Spain in 2005 after being sentenced, without the chance to defend herself, for cocaine smuggling. She has always protested her innocence and her lawyers in Spain have submitted an application for a pardon.

How did that one slip by without a great storm? I didn't read blogs then and relied on the MSM - more fool me!

Its not like we don't have extradition treaties so that people can be extradited to face trial, so why don't we tell them we have a process which works, thank you, now fuck off.

Someone fetch the rope, I know a few good lampposts

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