Sunday, March 09, 2008

Manners maketh the man

and an orderly society for that matter, which is why this story from the Croydonian is so disappointing and, as a he says, a poor reflection on modern day living.

The Mayor of London, Ken Livingstone, today unveiled new Tube signs aimed at encouraging Tube users to consider their fellow passengers and to think about who might need a seat most on the Underground.

New priority seating stickers, which will be rolled out throughout the Underground from March 10, will now ask passengers to give up their seat for pregnant women, as well as for people with disabilities or for those less able to stand. This is the first time that pregnant women have been included in the signs.

It was drilled in to me as a child not just to stand up for a pregnant woman but also for any woman, elderly person or person who is obviously having difficulty standing.

I am not saying we should go back to some mythical age of chivalry but such courtesies are part of helping society get through its daily drudgery in a pleasant and cohesive way. It shouldn't be passengers on public transport he is aiming at but all parents.

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