Sunday, March 02, 2008

In the club

I went to see the play of that name of Friday and I must recommend it to everyone. Although its a true British farce it isn't toe curling and has some great jokes.

The setting is a Strasbourg hotel suite occupied by a British socialist MEP and his secretary. It is a great lampoon at the EU systems of expenses and other payments. Nobody is left alone, English, Germans, Belgium's, French, Gypsies, Welsh and Scots are all sent up.

One of the first few lines is the lead character talking to his secretary - "Oh how I love being an MEP, all the power and no need to worry about my constituency. They don't know me and frankly I don't care about them".

His friend is a bluff Yorkshire UKIP member who is kipping on the floor to save money as he refuses to draw ludicrous expenses in Strasbourg (cue digs at that system). He has a wonderful line - there are only 3 types of people Yorkshire men, those who want to be a Yorkshire man and them with no ambition.

The MEP's girlfriend "runs" his UK office on 80k euros and they all happily admit she does nothing.

Anyway, in good old farce tradition lots of people coming in and out through doors, terrible mix ups in identification, lots of foul language and sex talk.

Its doing the provinces and then going to the West End. Get to see it if you can, I haven't laughed so much for ages.

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