Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Will those who wish to govern us learn from the Spitzer affair?

There is a great deal of schadenfreude over the resignation of Eliot Spitzer, and quite right too. For those who want a more factual and less emotive roundup of the story the beeb is probably the beeb best bet:

New York Governor Eliot Spitzer has resigned, after being linked to a prostitution ring.
Flanked by his wife Silda, Mr Spitzer, a leading Democrat, told a news conference: "I cannot allow my private failings to disrupt the people's work."

He once again apologised for failing to live up to the standards he demanded of others - but he gave no details.

For those who would like to gloat a bit try here, here, here, here and, well just wander round the blogosphere. This is typical from Timmy at The Business:
Dancing on Spitzer's Grave
Well, Eliot Spitzer's political grave that is. Wall Street is simply giddy with joy at the man's downfall. That prostitution is a victimless crime is true, that libertarians and classical liberals (like myself) argue in favour of legality is also true.

So given all this do you think those who wish to govern us will learn the lesson of this: that we will put up with most things except hypocrisy; that's his real crime, not screwing prostitutes, not even that old crack about "being caught", it is the rank hypocrisy of our leaders that really gets us wound up.

A certain amount of hypocrisy is important and does make the world go round. Anyone has been a parent is a master at it. And this is the point, when politicians practice it is like they are being parents and we are the children, there they are tut tutting and wagging their fingers about the dangers of smoking/drinking/screwing/making our own decisions and all the time they are practicing these vices with great gusto. And that is why there is always so much glee when one of the bastards is found out.

The answer to my own the answer is no; they wil continue to dream up new ways of treating us like children whilst all the time pretending to be grown ups and doing their own thing.

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