Tuesday, March 11, 2008

CO2 Increase, no hysteria

There is something wrong here, a story of "unexpected growth" growth in CO2 and no hysterical forecasts of armageddon:

Carbon dioxide (CO2) levels in the atmosphere have risen 35% faster than expected since 2000, says a study.
International scientists found that inefficiency in the use of fossil fuels increased levels of CO2 by 17%.

The other 18% came from a decline in the natural ability of land and oceans to soak up CO2 from the atmosphere.

The whole story is well balanced and just presents facts, without any pejorative reference to AGW and the need for us to go back to living in caves. Perhaps it's because the penny is starting to drop that despite the unexpected growth increase in CO2 since 2000, the earth's temperature has been more-or-less constant or even slightly cooling as this post and graph from Climate Skeptic clearly show.

H/T Climate Science

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Mark Wadsworth said...

Don't worry, in a couple of years they'll be bleating on about how CO2 emissions cause global cooling, which is why we should go back to living in caves (cont. p94)