Thursday, March 06, 2008

Democrat Primaries

Mr E has a very good post on the Democrat Primaries from his US correspondent. It is well worth the read and IMHO as good an analysis as you'll read in the MSM.

The point is that her time in the White House is the anchor for her rationale to be president: experience. Ready on Day One. She’s only been a senator for four years longer than Obama, but she’ll hit the ground running because she was a key player in the White House for eight years. She was at her husband’s side as he made all those tough calls.

That’s why you want her answering the phone at 3am. Right?

But using your husband’s legacy when it’s convenient, and trashing it when not, is gold-plated hypocrisy.

(Also, as I’ve previously suggested, surely you begin to suspect that the feministas have lost their way when being the wife of someone successful counts as relevant experience to do their job? If not, can I gratuitously introduce you to the England soccer team’s new wide defender? [Sheryl Tweedy pic which is worth a look on its own])

He points out that this "Ready at Day One" might work with Obama, but what if she wins and has to take on McCain:
Clinton: “I’m Ready on Day One.”

McCain: “I’m Ready on Day One, and I’m not Hillary Clinton.”

Looks like the Super delegates might be switching allegiance.

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