Thursday, March 06, 2008

More on Idiot cards

Looks like this Government is going for some kind of record on pissing us all off. One day is signing away more liberties to Brussels and the next we get more on idiot cards. They just don't give up do they?

The government has set out changes to its planned identity scheme - including allowing people to use passports or driving licences instead of ID cards.

So, after what, 4 years, they still haven't got a plan and they wonder why we think they're incompetent. Whilst I will refuse point blank to have one I would have more respect for them if they had put a plan together and then started implementing it. This jerking around looking for reasons and ways to sneak it in is embarrassing.
And plans to force passport applicants to get an ID card have been dropped.

The exception will be airport and other workers in security-sensitive jobs who will need an ID card from 2009.

If airport workers need ID cards and some form of biometric database then let the airport authorities, ultimately the passengers, pay for it. If the Govt feels that it needs to help out because of terrorism then just make a straight forward subsidy payment. Lets face it, if these things are needed to protect us then the last thing we need is the Government, any Government, implementing the policy! With their track record on implementating IT projects and keeping data secure we may as well set up an Al Qaeda training camp in terminal 4.
Home Secretary Jacqui Smith said students would also be encouraged to get identity cards from 2010, as part of plans to let "consumer demand" drive take-up.

Hahahahaha, consumer demand, hahahaha. They really are deluded fools aren't they? The sad thing is that they have dumbed down education so much our students will probably fall for it.

What we need is to somehow educate our students on the way their compatriots acted in the 60's. This looks like being our first battle in what looks like being a long war and we need to get the troops trained. Poll tax riots should be made to look like a teddy bears picnic, its the only way to get the message across.

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