Monday, March 24, 2008

At last the penny's dropping on bio fuels

Even the beeb is starting to realise that all that is said and done at the alter of the almighty "global warming" is not necessarily good. This morning I nearly had an accident whilst driving when Today carried a piece on the insanity of bio fuel legislation which comes in to force in April. The we article can be read here:

The UK's chief environment scientist has called for a delay to a policy demanding inclusion of biofuels into fuel at pumps across the UK.

Professor Robert Watson said ministers should await the results of their inquiry into biofuels' sustainability

Some scientists think biofuels' carbon benefits may be currently outweighed by negative effects from their production.

The Renewable Transport Fuels Obligation (RTFO) is to introduce 2.5% biofuels at the pumps from 1 April.
On the radio he claimed he hadn't even been consulted by ministers before they implemented the policy. I am sure that, like me, you would expect any right thinking layman to at least the consult the experts before making up their mind. You would certainly think the Government would before passing legislation, wouldn't you? I'm sure you can guess why they didn't bother -

The DfT is itself under pressure from an EU policy demanding the inclusion of 5% biofuels in road fuels by 2010 in an attempt to cut carbon emissions.
Yep, the good old EU appears to have come up with a policy that not even rabid environmentalists support:

His [Professor Watson] comments in an interview with BBC Radio 4's Today programme appear on the day when a coalition of pressure groups from Oxfam to Greenpeace writes to the Department for Transport (DfT) demanding that the policy be delayed until after the review.
So what do the EU have to say:

The EU's Environment Commissioner Stavros Dimas earlier told BBC News that this target should only be reached if the biofuels could be proved to be sustainably produced.
But its EU policy you fucking numpty, one that you and your fellow collection of failed and corrupt politicians have implemented without knowing the facts. And you wonder why the EU is being held in contempt by so many people.

The closing piece though is the real killer:
But many will question why energy experts promoting biofuels in the EU were
allowed to go unchallenged so long by the views on biofuels of agriculture
specialists or soil scientists.

Is it because they are making a shit load of our money promoting scare stories and promising their pet solutions alone have the answer? Surely not?

Anyway, its a good start and all we need now is people to question why the climate alarmists are allowed to get away with making outlandish claims of 8 deg warming based on positive feedback in nature and we might be able to have a grown up debate on the subject of global warming.

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