Monday, October 20, 2008

What are politicians for?

Seriously, what do we need politicians for? I ask this following a discussion with The Sprog over over a beer and pizza last night when he raised this interesting point. Regular readers may remember that The Sprog did A Level politics and sociology with AS economics and we have had regular debates on current affairs and politics since he was about 10.

As The Sprog put it, in the past politicians all told us they wanted to make our lives better; we may not agree with it but be they socialists, Marxists or even Tories, the message from all of them was that they wanted to make our lives better. All we had to do was decide which set had the best arguments to achieve that aim.

Now they all seem to be vying with each other to take away our freedoms and restrict us from doing what we enjoy as they promise to protect us from the latest self induced "nightmare". They use terrorism, climate change, smoking, drinking, youth gangs and any other manner of tosh to justify their control freakery.

He has a good point. Wouldn't it be nice to hear a politician saying that all he wants to do is make us richer and freerer?

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Lorenzo said...

If you have 700 people slogging their guts out in a factory, you can see their finished product, know the cost and know the profit.

700 fools in Parliament and there's no visible product, no profit just the deafening roar of snouts in the trough.