Saturday, October 11, 2008

Channel 4's Property Ladder

I've just been browsing Sky's EPG and notice that Ch4 is still showing Property Ladder - paerhaps they ought to rename name it Property Snake?


Mark Wadsworth said...

"paerhaps they ought to rename name it ..."

Perhaps indeed, but a ladder is for climbing down as well as up. And nobody ever fell to the top of a ladder. Weren't you and Mrs GS thinking of selling-to-rent a while back?

The Great Simpleton said...

No, we were looking to move to a bungalow that had a studio. Being married to a painter makes living in rented is difficult.

So how about doing post on when you think you can move back in to the owner market? And if you don't intend to do so soon how you intend to protect your savings against Gordon inflating them away?