Sunday, October 26, 2008

USA Election

I've been following the through the Economist and BBC* and am becoming increasingly dismayed by both candidates and am starting to think that its a pity that they can't both lose.

I thought McCain might have some spirit and appeal to the bipartisan vote, but he seems to be playing more to the right than he really needs and this is worrying. His choice of Palin seemed inspired at first, but has been proved to be a big mistake.

Obama seems to be increasingly vacuous and concentrating on out Blairing Blair. I know the election is his to lose and that getting in to detail would be a mistake (as it would for the boy Dave), but when he speaks on the economy he seems to be completely devoid of ideas on how to stimulate the US economy beyond the normal rhetoric.

The problem with them both losing is that we would be stuck with Bush, surely the lamest of lame duck presidents in the USA'a history?

*You have no choice given they way they are covering it.

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