Sunday, October 26, 2008

A celebrity admits enormous mistake while young

Regular readers will know that I have little time for the celebocracy* so you may be surprised that I am impressed by American rock star Ted Nugent** as reported by WM Briggs, Statistician:

Uncle Ted made an huge, enormous mistake when he was a young man. He purposely got himself out of the Vietnam draft. He knows he must answer for this moral crime. I am tempted to say, a la the media, this “youthful indiscretion”, but I won’t, because what he did was wrong. The only question now is: can we forgive him?

Regrettably, I did not serve in the military upon graduation from high school. For that I am truly sorry…I admit to self-imposed, near-total insulation from worldly truth and the reality of Vietnam…This is no excuse for my woeful and deep disconnect from the critical events of the world–and I don’t offer it as one—but it is the truth…In order to provide some sort of restitution for my youthful disconnect, I have done what I can over the years for members of the armed forces…My enlightenment, though slow in coming, eventually arrived.

He's quite a character and has some interesting aphorisms:
God gave man a soul; a powerful, instinctual moral and intellectual True North compass that completely differentiates us from all other living creatures….It is soulless to forbid a good citizen the right to carry a gun for self-protection while you dare to actually charge that citizen (subject) to pay for your armed security detail, Ted Kennedy.
I'm not keen on one and all carrying guns but he does have a point.

Go and read the whole post about him, it will get you thinking.

*Fatuous people who are famous for being famous whose every word is fawned upon by the hard of thinking MSM who report their drivel, no matter how unintelligent, as if it was the last word that needs to be said on any subject. Global warming is a specialty of this group!

** I'm not really a fan but you can see why he gets American audiences rocking:

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Mark Wadsworth said...

Ah ... Uncle Ted. Having made the world's finest eponymous album back in 1975 he has never failed to disappoint and charm in equal measures ever since.